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I got my start in audio engineering when I was 15. My father is an audio engineer, and would record songs with me as a kid in our basement which lead to my love for the recording process. At 15 I bought my first Interface and started recording rap songs with my homies. As my services became more sought after, I turned my garage into a DIY studio, opened my services to singer songwriters and bands, and started booking and charging clients. In 2021 I received a diploma in Audio Engineering from RAIS and have been making a living with it since. I love recording, mixing, mastering, hanging out and working with artists, making music, and making friends. I understand studio recording and mixing can be pricey so I'm totally cool with negotiating and working around your budget.

I have the most experience in hip hop/R&B, followed by folk and soft rock, but can record and mix anything and I love delving into new sounds! Book now and together we can bring your musical vision to life.

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